Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Polar Express Breakfast

Hello blog friends!

My "In Real Life" friends have been asking me to post this…so they can all copy :)

It isn't my idea, I saw it on Pinterest last year or so, I just improved on the idea.  With an egg allergy in our house, I make most things from scratch.  But, I have found a good, organic pancake mix that is egg free.  Arrowhead Mills.  I use low fat buttermilk as the liquid and add a few tablespoons of greek yogurt to pump up the protein.  Turkey bacon makes the antlers; blackberries,  strawberries  and whip cream finish off Rudolf.

To "build" Rudolf, I make a large round pancake, then a smaller oval pancake, then a very small oval pancake.   I put the bacon down first in the antler shape I want, then the large round pancake anchors the bacon, next add the medium oval pancake about 1/2 way off the round one to create the muzzle.  Last, the smallest oval pancake is torn in two to make the ears and tucked in front of the bacon and behind the "head".  Then I pour the syrup on, spray on the whip cream and add fruit and serve to some really excited Small people. 

Merry Christmas!


friv 2 said...

Delicious strange and beautiful.