Monday, August 10, 2015

Sari silk and Kumihimo....

Hello blogland!

I wanted to share some new creations today, learning to work with beads and fibers has been challenging (I've ripped apart some necklaces several times!) and rewarding.

Take a peek:

These are different tassel styles all sold together in my Etsy store >>>>>>>>> 

Quick and easy for you to have a new look!  All tassels and pendants are designed to clip off/on with ease.  Use the base chain, and here are your options:  Blue Sari Silk tassel with semi-precious stone, raspberry tassel with semi-precious jade and a Green Girl Studio coin that reads "Begin Each Day with a Grateful Heart".  Sigh.  The first two I bought of that saying left with friends...I had to buy more!

Next, I've been playing with incorporating different techniques into the beads and fiber!  I jumped on the Kumihimo train and have been learning that weaving technique and LOVE it.  One customer commented that I was creating pieces of art and not jewelry.  Best comment of the week :) 

You can pop the tassel off and then wrap around your wrist for a whole new look!  (Ignore the fact that my pale skin does NOT look good with this color....I'm making myself a darker one :) )

You can also wear the tassel on other chains and layer it all together for a new look!  This is a personal chain that I wear a lot of tassels on: 

Thanks for stopping by!  

Saturday, July 18, 2015

New designs being loaded in my Etsy shop!

Hello blogland!

I love creating new designs, there is always something crafty bouncing around in my head.  I love it even more when the design actually works.  ;)

I'm still fascinated with bead and tassel combinations and have created some new tassel ideas, the "three tassel" idea and an "extra large" tassel. I can create most colors for a custom order too.  I'm thinking these tassels would be cute for "Game Day" too!

Take a peek of these new designs located in my Etsy store >>>>>>>>

Hot Pink and Black beads and removable tassel.  These are now being sold individually too, so you can add to an existing necklace or chain you already own!

Extra large tassels, Turquoise and Hot Pink, Navy and Pink, Green and Sky Blue.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

New bling on the way!

Busy as a bee in my little studio...more bling will be loaded this week into my Etsy store :)

A friend stopped by and bought a large amount of jewelry, I asked her to pose real quick with some of the pieces she happy to see my jewelry walking around!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Hello all!

Two of my favorite things...chunky bracelets and chunky guacamole.  I could eat an avocado every day, maybe twice!  I grow cilantro just for homemade guac.  Now I'm hungry...

Onto less calories...chunky bracelets in the shop today! (My Etsy shop is over there -> -> ->)

 I'm digging tassels right why not on a bracelet?  The tassel is only attached to one of the bracelets, so you can choose to not wear it, wear them all separately or wear all together!  I love options with my jewelry.

Here is the light green/dark green blue/neutral option:

And here is the pink, coral, rose gold, and aqua option: 

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Studio Tour

I don't know about you guys, but I love a peek into other artist's studios.  So, why not show you mine??

Challenge #1 for my studio is off the foyer from my front door.
Challenge #2 for my studio's former name is "Dining Room".
Challenge #3 for my studio can see this room from all other downstairs rooms.
Challenge #4 for my studio space...I needed kid storage.  I needed storage in general.  There is no mudroom in this house and only one tiny closet downstairs.

When I bought this little house last year, I loved the light streaming in the windows.  There is a small bonus room over a single car garage, but it is dark...and I have children.  I was not going to waste a downstairs room with a "dining room".  Nope, nope, nope.  I wanted every inch of my house to be as functional as possible.

The first year, this room functioned as my home office too.  I was a full time graduate student and needed a calm study area.  I confess that I put money into the furniture in this room.  It is all from Pottery Barn, some floor models and all on sale, but...yes...I did spend some money.  Because it is such a prominent room in my house and there was no way to close a door and hide it, I slowly purchased the things for the room as items went on sale or I could afford them.  (I confess that my only store credit card is Pottery Barn.  I'd buy a piece, wait for my reward coupon and sales, then buy the next piece...)

The room is painted a pale sage grey from Benjamin Moore (I'll have to locate the paint can so I can tell you the color...), while the rest of my house is painted a soft grey.  I've always believed in the idea that you should decorate the space around you in colors YOU LIKE.  Not what is "popular" or "trendy"...but...YOU.  Colors you wear, colors you naturally surround yourself with.  For me, that is grays, blues and greens.  I like calm spaces, not too cluttered.  Clutter makes me twitch a little, so I don't have a ton of things on the walls.

My first two years of college were spent as an interior design major.  I eventually switched to fine art.  My graduate degree is in Paralegal Studies.  I know I'm a bit "different" for an artist...I'm a "type A artist".  I like order.  Not too much...I'm not Monica from "Friends", but I can't take busy and overcrowded either.  A happy medium.  :)  I like my house to be light and bright because it makes me happy.  I spend a lot of time I want the space around me to reflect me.  I like cream furniture because it helps keep small rooms light and bright.

I chose the center table/work space because of it's ability to multi-task.  The side leaves easily fold up and down depending on how much space I need.  I generally keep one side folded down for and easy walking path.  Additionally, it has all of the great storage space beneath on two shelves.  I keep a combination of kitchen overflow items, kid paperwork and beading supplies.  It is the Shayne Drop Leaf Kitchen Table from Pottery Barn and you can find it HERE.  The black chair is the "fifth wheel" from my kitchen table.  It is stored in this room and goes wherever it needs to go.  The Napoleon Side Chair from PB, found HERE.  I've had my kitchen table and chairs for probably 7 years and I still love them.

The hutch is also "double duty".  The display part houses all of my staging props for photographs mixed in with things that mean something to me.  Hidden inside are a printer and everything for a home office while also housing shipping supplies and extra beading supplies.  Plus, I have a "real job" and all of that information is also stored here.   You can find it, the Graham Desk and Hutch, from Pottery Barn, HERE.

My children needed "a space to dump all of their crap".  I tried creating something in our garage, but that didn't fly.  It is a single car garage and too hot.  I found these wardrobes (designed for a bedroom, I guess?) and decided to turn them into oversized kid lockers.  They are called the Cynthia Wardrobe, also from Pottery Barn, and you can find them HERE.  I decided to buy these in a wood stain color instead of cream for a little contrast in the room, plus they coordinated with my favorite leather chair. They store all of their school stuff (backpacks, lunch boxes, books, coats) in these, and the bottom drawer holds things like scarves and gloves for the winter.  Invaluable storage for us.

This is my favorite chair in the entire house.  It sits in a bright and sunny corner and I gravitate toward it several times a day.  It overlooks my front yard so I can see the kids playing, it is soft and squishy and smaller scale.  Since I"m only 5"2, it works perfectly for me.  I found this at a Pottery Barn floor model sale and bought it severely discounted.  I didn't care that probably a million people sat in it....I cleaned it and was thankful it was already broken in..just for me!  Patterson Leather Armchair found HERE.  The grey throw is from Target several years ago, and the small violin side table is an antique from my family that I spray painted grey.

The jute rug is several years old and has seen better days.  Children and dogs do their numbers on rugs...I just turn it or flip it over when the latest spill happens.  I like the repetition of the circular rug with the circular wreath.  Found HERE.

My wreath makes me happy.  While working on my graduate degree in law, I worked an internship at the Virginia Supreme Court Law Library.  If I had more energy (and money), I would have completed a second graduate degree in Library Science.  But, I'm old and tired from 3 years in school while being a single Momma.  Anywho....I got permission to take a few of the disintegrating law books that were slated for recycling.  I created this wreath from one of the books.  It reminds me what I've accomplished after a divorce from a not so good man.  It combines my love of books, and art, and law.

The old windows were from an estate sale and were something like $10 each.  I just scrubbed them, tested them for lead, and hung them up.

Meet Elizabeth Bennett.  Couldn't help myself, I love Pride & Prejudice, and most of my house is painted Wickham Grey from Benjamin Moore (see Houzz examples HERE).  I had to name her Elizabeth Bennett, didn't I?  She freaks out the dog and the babysitter, but I like to see her dressed up and in jewelry.

I also have an old type set drawer picked up several years ago and fill it with found objects.  Mostly sea shells and rocks.  When the kids and I go to the beach, we find a few shells, sign and date the back, and on display they go.

Oh, the lights.  Also from Pottery Barn, the Paxton Pendant light.  I love it...found HERE.   Plus, I see my window coverings are not perfectly lined up...oh the shame ;).  This is a peek into the foyer...and the pup that can be seen in several of the photos.  That is Mocha, my Sheltie, and always at my feet.

Thanks for taking the tour of my studio space!  Hopefully I can tour you around some other rooms some day!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Busy Bee!

Yeah...pretty much my thoughts exactly.

New necklaces in the shop today, this gorgeous bee is one of them!  Check out my Etsy shop located >>>>>>

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Round and round we go!

Hello friends!

Designing new jewelry is one of my favorite parts of the creative process.  Having a bunch of beads and string and findings lying in a jumble on the table and creating something from that mess still gives me a thrill.

I saw these circle findings and couldn't buy them fast enough.  I just liked them.  This is now my current favorite tassel necklace (until I make my next favorite necklace!).

I hand create all of the beaded chain with Czech glass beads, and hand tie the tassels using silk string.  I love the grass green and turquoise color mixed with the silver findings in this long, attention grabbing necklace.

You can find it HERE in my Etsy store, thanks for taking a peek! favorite color!  These green 8mm Czech glass beads were hard to find!  So glad I did and can make pretty things from them :)