Friday, May 22, 2015

Celery green and pink tassel necklace!

Hello blog land!

I've started a FaceBook page for The Dancing Pear.  Once I'm really up and going, I'll post sales there, so please follow me on FB or Instagram for special sales!  TheDancingPearFB  or #thedancingpear.

This is so me:

Google Image Result for

I'm beginning to look at every odd scrap of material around my house to see if I could turn it into a tassel :)   A necklace?

New today in the Etsy store is this lovely celery green and pale pink tassel necklace.  Here it is!

So romantic and vintage looking. Did I tell you guys that I named my mannequin "Elizabeth Bennett"?  My house is painted primarily Wickham Grey, and I love Pride and Prejudice, so it was only fitting to call her Elizabeth Bennett.  Right?  Am I alone here?  ;)

I highly recommend Wickham Grey as a cool neutral paint is the Houzz link inspiration rooms: HERE.   One of these days I'll give you guys a house tour!

Back to the necklace:

Thanks for stopping by!  Every have a safe Memorial Day Weekend and thank our troops for allowing us the freedom we have. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tassel necklace!

I've never made tassels before... but how much fun are these??  I could quickly become addicted.  Using a silk string my local bead store recommended, they are pure color and fun.

So these....

Turned into this:

Gorgeous pop of color!  I also hand created the hot pink Czech bead strand out of 4mm beads and attached it all to a silver filled chain.  Hot Mama...cha, cha, cha!

It's in the Etsy store right now >>>>>>>>>>>>
or follow this little link  Aqua Turquoise Tassel Necklace. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Nuff said!


Hoping to list some earrings in my Etsy shop today!  Slowly, but surely, getting this little business going!

I had no idea how hard earrings are to photograph properly.  I'm not pleased with this photograph but wanted to give you all a sneak peek... and going to try again today!  I wore something similar yesterday (a blue/green combination) and had several people stop to comment on them.  These are  shades of brown, pink and rose gold gorgeous Czech 8mm beads and finished on gold filled ear wires!

Thanks for stopping by....

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sneak Peek

Hello blog friends!

I am working hard on getting my etsy store up and running soon!  Here is a sneak peek of one of my current favorite designs...I love the color combination of grey, olive green, mint green and turquoise with some silver bling.  I found a local store that carries these beautiful Czech beads and I couldn't be more pleased!  These are a 7inch stretch bracelet perfect for stacking.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 11, 2015


Hello blog world!

Yes, I see it has been awhile.  Please forgive me.  My road has been filled with bumpy things, busy things, important things!  Those things are now changing and I'm ready to start back out here.  I'm going to fill you in!

For now, let us focus on where.I.never.knew.I' post.

Few weeks ago, I finished my graduate degree.  Summa Cum Laude.  In other words, I worked my tail off as a single parent.  For the past 4 years I've been working my tail off.  I felt kinda directionless.  I'd been fighting for so long.  Create a new life after divorcing a really controlling man (a story in itself), figuring out how to be a full-time single parent homeowner, and kick some tail in graduate school.  I get the "how do you do it all???" questions a lot.  Especially from newly shocked single mommas.

Whew.  I did it.  I accompanied all of that.  Then what??  Go get a job...right?  Yup, then life steps in and sometimes offers you a gift.  A fellow single kick-tail kinda momma and I were talking and she said, "I'm opening this awesome new business" and I said, "I'd love to volunteer if you need some help" and she then said, "Will you run the non-profit for me?".

Blink.  Blink.  Um.  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, folks.  I'll post more in the coming days as we launch a new business that will support a foundation to raise money for domestic violence.  The percentages of domestic violence are staggering and it will blow your mind.  Soon.  More about that soon.

                        For now, let's talk about strings.  

A long discussion with a few people this morning (both my boyfriend and my previously mentioned fellow kick tail kinda momma), I described an analogy that my head and I use quite often. Kick Tail Momma asked me to share that with you.  It is a powerful message. 

yarn : Balls of yarn in a basket with knitting needles

How did I survive?  How did my life take a 180, or a 360, or whatever the heck happens after you divorce someone and become a single mom and have to start over in your 40's?  How do you pick one foot up and put it in front of the other with some grace and determination?  

The easy answer is...there is no easy answer.  It took hard work.  I had to consciously get up every single day and work.  That determination I have always had works FOR me in a lot of ways. 

However, there is a visual I use to help me when I feel discombobbled.  


Imagine, if you will, holding yarn in your hand.  Something like this: 
Image result for image of hand holding colored yarn

Each of those balls of yarn is something in your life.  Your job, your school, your children, your house, your dog vomiting on the floor, your car broke down, you broke your foot, and yet another email from a person you don't want to deal with.  There are also your family, your friends, your chocolate chip cookies.  Each problem, or facet in your life is a ball of yarn. Each is separate, yet related. 

I get it.  There are days that my life feels like this: 

yarn : Kitten playing with yarn

String everywhere.  Life in chaos.  The children are hanging from the chandelier...or maybe I gave them cereal for dinner and feel like a complete loser.   Ya know, because they are supposed to have a home cooked, organic meal ALL THE TIME.   

OK.  Just breath.  Some days...just breath. 

Then, imaging holding the yarn like this: 

Image result for image of hand holding colored yarn

Each of your life responsibilities or parts now has an individual string.  They are still their own ball of yarn, but you have pulled the ends out, and all the ends are showing.  You can see all of your life in your hand. 

Now, which of those strings is REALLY causing the problem?  Does that one string really need to affect all of the other strings?  Or...could you pull the one troublesome string out?  

Go ahead.  PULL the crappy one out.  Lay it to the side and DEAL with that ONE bothersome string.  The rest of the strings are still OK.  EX causing you problems because he is a jerk?  Pull that out.  Look at your kids and know what a freaking blessing they are even if someone just face-planted into a laundry basket and there is blood everywhere (true story).  Pull that one out.  Didn't manage a perfect home cooked meal?  Pull out that guilt string and give your kids cereal and fruit for dinner, they will live.  Pretty sure. 

The rest of the strings are:   Good.  Fine.  Supportive.  Holding steady.  Love.  Don't destroy all of the strings when only one is really causing the problem.  It takes practice, but you can start to visualize pulling one really long string out of your hand as you focus on where the issue is.  The rest are there to support you and hold you up. 

Go ahead.  Borrow my visual.  Try it.  Let me know how it works for you.  

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Polar Express Breakfast

Hello blog friends!

My "In Real Life" friends have been asking me to post this…so they can all copy :)

It isn't my idea, I saw it on Pinterest last year or so, I just improved on the idea.  With an egg allergy in our house, I make most things from scratch.  But, I have found a good, organic pancake mix that is egg free.  Arrowhead Mills.  I use low fat buttermilk as the liquid and add a few tablespoons of greek yogurt to pump up the protein.  Turkey bacon makes the antlers; blackberries,  strawberries  and whip cream finish off Rudolf.

To "build" Rudolf, I make a large round pancake, then a smaller oval pancake, then a very small oval pancake.   I put the bacon down first in the antler shape I want, then the large round pancake anchors the bacon, next add the medium oval pancake about 1/2 way off the round one to create the muzzle.  Last, the smallest oval pancake is torn in two to make the ears and tucked in front of the bacon and behind the "head".  Then I pour the syrup on, spray on the whip cream and add fruit and serve to some really excited Small people. 

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Nice List

Hello blog friends,

Well.  Two months since my last post again.  Uggg.  Grrr.  Life.  Graduate student.  Full time single Mom.  We all know the drill.

Joy, our Elf, has been a fun Christmas presence for the last few weeks.  He will be leaving shortly, and let me in on the preview of the "Nice List Declaration" the Small people in my life will get this year.  I know of 26 different special kiddos who will be receiving a special little surprise in their stockings Christmas Eve morning!

Full of special Santa touches, from the peppermint ribbon, to sparkly snowflakes, to the gold stamp indicating this is "o.f.f.i.c.i.a.l.". It is the real deal. 

The back of the certificate has a gold embossed image of the Big Man himself!

Don't forget the envelope!  Also gold embossed from Santa and it will arrive via the Polar Express, of course!

You can create your own certificates using these stamp sets from Papertrey Ink: Here and Here and Here

Merry Christmas!!